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ShareExpress Portfolio management software  

Testimonials & press release

Users testimonials

"We have had Share Express for a number of years (8 10 yrs)
and found it very superior to other programs."

Michael S.  Doonan, QLD Australia

"I was very surprised to find a simple (no hard to understand
 manual needed) yet effective share portfolio software program
 with so many extras included.
I particularly appreciate the 
consideration calculator it is very useful."

John M.  Dover Hts. NSW Australia

"I have been using the registered version for 3 months now and 
can confirm that I have never seen such a user friendly system"
David Roberts.  Aust Advisers Financial Services, Australia

"..We went searching, and we found dozens [portfolio manager]. 
But one by one they dropped off our list because they were too 
complex or too dear until we came to an Australian product - 
ShareExpress. This little baby does have a few extras but the 
budding millionaire was happy because it was simple to use fast 
and secure..."
Terry O'Connor  The Courier Mail Newspaper QLD, Australia

"Just to let you guys know that I am really impressed with
ShareExpress2000 that I recommended it to Moneyexperts and
they've put it on there sight for other investors to look at it, so I'm
sure that you have probably had a lot more increase of purchasing.
At least I hope so, anyway its not too often that somebody comes

a long with such a good product."
John Nealey USA

"..A very impressive intuitive program !..." 
David Holbroke, QLD, Australia

"...I think it is a great program, I love it and have told my friends 
about it.  It is extremely user friendly to the point where you 
don't need to use the help. Thanks team..."
Gail Sorenson, Victoria, Australia

To Share Express support team: thanks for your help, I got your 
message and it worked like a charm, thanks very much for your 
prompt response. I'm very impressed with your product and your 
service they are both of an excellent standard...
Luke Bergman WA, Australia

Thank you for your help and quick response.
Share Express is a very good program.  I have recommended it 
to a friend of mine who has registered as well.

Thanks again
Steve Voyle, Auckland, New Zealand

"I have tried ShareExpress2000 and found it very useful. It 
helped get my share trading in order within 15 minutes.
keep up the good work."
Max Vineberg  Victoria, Australia

"Nice seeing an Australian product that is very simple to
use yet smart and very powerful. I will be recommending
the program to my friends."
Mark White Tasmania

Thank you very much for your support. Share Express is
a fantastic program that I use all of the time (for more than
5 years now) it is a credit to your organization. Regards,
Alistair B., South Australia

"Unlike other programs, it sticks to the KIS principle. It's very 
easy to use and original in its appearance and functions. I 
particularly like the one-click online price update and data 
export buttons."
John Markus QLD, Australia


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A quick overview of some of ShareExpress2000's features:- 

  User friendly portfolio manager, designed with ease of use in mind
  Holds all your trading information (buy, sell, split, dividend, bonus etc),
    in an easy to follow format (great around tax time).
  Monitors your entire stock portfolio's performance and individual share 
    accumulated (realised) profits/losses,
  Contains calculators to work out the profitability of various buy/sell 
    scenarios, anticipated profit on specific sales and various share ratios,
  Export data as a comma separated text file to be used with other 
    spreadsheet application eg. EXCEL,
  Lets you password protect your stock portfolio,
  Set up reminder messages to load with windows on a particular date,
  Has an in-built web browser, provides access to its own online 
    investment forum, live chat and key investor links and indices,
  And much more.............

View the ShareExpress2000 help file for more features and some screen 

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computer now.


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