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ShareExpress2000 will enable you to keep track of your share 
purchases and sales transactions with maximum simplicity 
and ease. It will let you quickly see which shares you have 
available and the average price you paid for them.

The program also include various "What if" trading calculators to
help reach quick decisions around trading time.

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A quick overview of some of ShareExpress2000's features:- 

  User friendly, designed with ease of use in mind
  Holds all your trading information (buy, sell, split, dividend, bonus etc),
    in an easy to follow format (great around tax time).
  Monitors your entire portfolio's performance and individual share 
    accumulated (realised) profits/losses,
  Contains calculators to work out the profitability of various buy/sell 
    scenarios, anticipated profit on specific sales and various share ratios,
  Export data as a comma separated text file to be used with other 
    spreadsheet application eg. EXCEL,
  Lets you password protect your portfolio,
  Set up reminder messages to load with windows on a particular date,
  Has an in-built web browser, provides access to its own online 
    investment forum, live chat and key investor links and indices,
  And much more.............

Visit this page to read Press release & User testimonials

View the ShareExpress2000 help file for more features and some screen 

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