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It is very important not to skip this part !
(please read below and complete the form)

STEP2 (program registration request)

Thank you for registering ShareExpress2000. To complete your registration, please 
proceed and fill out  the form below, this will enable us to send you (via the email 
address you will supply below) the program registration/activation code. (Normally
within 12 hours during normal business hours & subject to credit card approval)

ShareExpress2000 Registration request form

All fields in this form are mandatory !

First Name
Program serial No      ( XXXXXXXXX-SE2000    or   XXXXXXXXX-SE2-XXXX )
To  find  your  program  serial   number  please run ShareExpress and click the ABOUT button 
located on the program's main screen. (if your program already expired press the ' I'll do it later' 
button first and then the ABOUT button). The  Program  serial number is available at the top of 
the ABOUT screen. Use your mouse to 'Select', 'Copy' & 'Paste' this number into the above box. 
Email address
The program activation/registration code will be sent to this email address. Please make sure
it is valid. 
Mailing address
and phone number

All fields in this form are mandatory !

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