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ExpressBrowser allows you to browse multiple
Web sites simultaneously without cluttering 
your windows task bar. Each site is loaded into 
a separate tab, allowing you to switch between
them easily . You can open groups of sites with 
a single click (EB_Groups) as well as create 
new or edit existing EB_Groups (EB_Group = 
express browsing group). Imagine opening a 
group of your favourite news or trading sites with 
one click. Then easily switching between them
in order to compare data etc.

Each browser tab has an auto reload timer which 
enables you to set a page auto refresh at selected
interval (great when doing online stock trading or 
viewing online stock watch lists etc.). 

ExpressBrowser can also be set to automatically 
check for new email on selected intervals and then
notify the user (also when program is closed).

Download ExpressBrowser now.

A quick overview of some of ExpressBrowser features:-

  User friendly, designed with ease of use in mind
  Loads multiple web sites simultaneously.
  Auto reload timer for each browser (page) tab,
  Loads last visited web sites automatically upon program start up.
    (this option can be disabled)
  EB_Groups - Enables you to load a group of web sites with a  
    single click. (load all your favourite newspapers etc.) as well as edit,
    create or download new EB_Groups (express browsing group of links). 
  Download new EB_Groups - download new EB_Groups of the internet
  Links to internet explorer favourites folder enabling you to load or
    organize your favourite links,
  Automatically checks & notify for new email on selected intervals,
  And much more.............

Start browsing the web like a pro, click here to Download .



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