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ShareExpress2000 Registration via fax/post  

Please print and complete this form. 

ShareExpress2000 (V3.0.6)
Registration Request     [ Print and Fax or Post ]

First name: _______________________________________________
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Last Name: _______________________________________________
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Email Address: _______________________________________
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Program Serial No.: ________________________________________________
To find the program serial number, run ShareExpress and then click the program's 'About' button 
located on the program main screen (if your program has expired you must first press the "I'll do 
it later button"). The program serial number is  available at the top of the ' About' screen.

Street address:___________________________________________________

Zip code: ____________ State: ___________ Country: ___________________

Phone Number:
____ - ____________  Mobile: __________________________

Please select method of payment

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Total Registration Cost
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[ ] AU$127.95  [ includes 1 year of FREE updates.]      OR 
[ ] AU$197.95   [ includes 2 years of FREE updates]      OR
[ ] AU$259.95  [ includes 3 year of FREE updates.]        

Name on card: ____________________________________ 
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Signature: _______________________
Date of order:_________________

[ ] Pay by Cheque or money order
Make Cheque/money order payable to Click2.com Pty Ltd
Total amount to be paid:  
Please see registration option selected above.  

Our Fax number
(within Australia)  61-3- (if dialing from  outside Australia) 

Our mailing address 

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