ShareExpress2000 program license number re-issuing request.

This form is only to be used by registered ShareExpress2000 users (users who paid 
the initial program registration fee). If you are not a registered user please visit this page.

A license re-issuing fee of AU$12.95 is applicable. Re-issuing a license number is a 
manual process and requires the re-configuring of our quotes server to accept your new 
account details. We appreciate your understanding.

Please complete this form to request a new license number (all fields are mandatory).

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 To find this number run ShareExpress and then press the
 'About' button located on the program main screen. This 
 number looks something like that 
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 number will be sent to this address]
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For registration via post/fax
If you would prefer to register by post/fax (cheque, money order). Please print and complete 
the above request form.

Our postal address is : Pty Ltd, 1/17 William St. Rose Bay 2029 NSW Australia
Our fax number : 02-93713054
(if dialing within Australia)  61-2-93713054 (if outside Australia)

Please make cheque/money_order payable to: Pty Ltd