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Message subject : TLO P/E

This message was posted by cowboy on April 10, 2000 :

The following are my calculations of the P/E of TLO based on the expected profit for the financial year 2000/2001 after today's announcements and closing price of $1.40 and it shows that TLO is still very much undervalued compared to other companies in the telecommunication sector:
Total No of Shares :89,517,312 FPO
Profit(2000/2001) B4 Tax :$10.4million
Profit(2000/2001)After Tax:$6.656million
P/E based on today's closing price of $1.40= (1.40)/(6656000/89517312)=18.8x!!!!!!!!!
PE of some telecommunication companies based on closing price on 29/3/2000
1)TLS : 27.07
2)CWO : 123.33
3)AAPT: 141.43
4)HTA : 595.00
5)TMN : 905.60
Points to take note:
1)They are ALREADY A PROFITABLE company with several investments in good coys like
GPS Online (20%) and Technology Licensing and the soon to be floated in HK’s stock exchange
2)And of course the most IMPORTANT THING IS what the TLO Managing Director said today in the announcement
“in addition to the agreement wif Net TeleCard,TELCO has also been REQUESTED to provide termination and settlement rates by a NO OF OTHER INTERNATIONAL CARRIER”

Price those revenues from the potential revenue streams and u will see a multiple of more than 20 on their present price soon!!!
1)A PE of only 18.8x based on today’s closing price
2) Lots of potential revenue streams from what the Managing Director has said and its only a matter of time before we get contracts done and sealed becos TLO was asked to perform the termination and settlement rates by these INTERNATIONAL CARRIERS
3)The expected float of can add considerable amount on to the share price of TLO once listed on the Hang Seng Index!

MY PREDICTION : $12 by June 2000

I own TLO.


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