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Message subject : correction

This message was posted by Me on April 05, 2000 :

Like every other crash correction or what ever you want to call it the rich will make the most out of it.If you want to play the stock market you play with what ever your prepared to lose,that may mean the whole lot,or invest in the safety of residential property or both.Today I seen a lot of sad faces at the asx,but I also seen some wise old serpents who noticed the market acting strangly and sold every share even their blue chips last week.Who wanted to sleep at night at the mercy of the nasdeq and dow thats not investing thats stress I sold and came out unscathed if I want that type of stress I'd be writing calls and puts and be watching two computers and be up early and to bed late.My opinion is to sell sell sell or it may be to late after tonite with this type of uncertianty nothing should be held until its all over a week or two maybe three this will change the trading psychology of the market and one must be prepared to adapt this is my own opinion and respesct those who may differ.

Warning: at times comments aimed at manipulating other investors may appear on these
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stocks, in an attempt to influence other investors. While every effort is made by the moderators
to remove these, some may still appear on these boards. Unless specifically stated persons posting
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Before acting on any of the information you read and making any financial or investment
decisions, you should always consult your advisor(s) or other relevant professional
investment experts.

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