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Message subject : Making a killing on all these tech stock

This message was posted by Loader47 on April 05, 2000 :

Most talk over the past six months on internet forums has been about tech stocks.
Its like everyone was making a killing on all these tech stocks and I was missing the boat with small holdings in tech and large holdings in blue chip.
I lost about $100,000 about 5 years ago playing the warrant/option market trying to make a quick buck and it appeared to me that too many people were trying to make a quick buck with all these tech stocks rising so quickly and so much.
I have assumed that these people have not lost the amount of money which I lost 5 years ago and hence have no idea what it is like to experience such loses. It makes one a much wiser invester!!!!!
I have done very well since my loses as I am holding shares with huge capital growth and growing dividends, with some quality tech stocks at very cheap entry prices which have go up heaps.
I can now have a laugh at those who have bought into tech stocks at such crazy prices and are now experiencing massive losses which they may not recover.
I'll sit back and wait for market equilibrium and go picking for some quality tech stocks for the next wave and hoping that US interest rates do not rise too much over the next 12 months.

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