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Message subject : Iraq scenario or noise and pathos in USA

This message was posted by Wlavio on October 07, 2002 :

Two-three week long bombardments of Iraq by the countries of European Union and USA, after the second treaty between USA, UK and Israel, which was held in Germany, and also discussed with other UN countries, will give an upsurge on all the exchanges. A rise of indices and shares on European, South-American and especially Asian stock exchanges is also possible (for example: MEXICO BOLSA, NIKKKEI, Hang Seng, S&P/ASX 200, etc.)
The tactical actions between USA and Iraq, which were discussed beforehand, will be finished with noise and pathos in USA. It will give a short boost on American stock exchanges, which will return rates to the former positions in 2 days… Until the next crisis.
In case if Russia will participate in military operations, all the exchanges will start crawling upward and stay high for a long time. First the US, then European exchanges. Asia, on the contrary, will slide down. Although this scenario is improbable.
In the first scenario gold will stay almost on the same level; in the second one- heads south, because of the price on petroleum, EUR will be put through the long and tough test, and it will also shake the positions of US Dollar and POG.
Military- Industrial establishment of USA will be in advantageous position only for a short time, and then it will appear to be out of the business, because other countries of the World will sell weapons and technical equipment, of Russian production and military manufactory. There is plenty of such weapons in stock all over the world and it’s not necessary to buy it from manufacturers.
Production of PM’s: the price of gold will fall, as the sluggish and continuing military operations won’t give it any reason to get covered. The prices of all the other rare-earth and alkaline metals and raw materials will rise sharply.
Iraq is having negotiations with USA, which will be held during 10-17 more days.
Mediators are Germany, UK and France. Negotiations will not give any benefits or results to any side, expect Asian countries…
Iraq scenario or noise and pathos in USA

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