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Message subject : Re: What do we all think of Rene Rivkin?

This message was posted by Sunny on March 23, 2002 :

In Reply to: Re: What do we all think of Rene Rivkin? posted by doctor on March 08, 2002 :

Rene has not been caught insider trading; he has also not been charged. He has merely been named.

Granted, making only a little profit is not an adequate defense for insider trading. Being innocent, however, is. Rene would have had to be a complete idiot to risk his reputation, licence and business over a few thousand dollars, especially when (as it was so eloquently put before) he can 'shit money'.

Given that the ASIC has a proud history of 'naming' inside traders merely to sully their reputations and given that this policy has resulted in only one conviction (which is currently under appeal), I think we can see why the supposed charges are languishing in the Sydney court system.

I believe that the distinct lack of sanctions (not to mention the distinct lack of proof) is clear evidence that ASIC was out on a fishing expedition.

By all means, feel free to dislike Rene. But please, don't choose Bill Heffernan as your hero and sledge mud with no proof.

: If Rene is such a fantastic market guru, why has he been caught and charged on insider trading charges. ASIC does not have the resources to carry out alleged "vendettas". it probably is true however that they have been watching this twit to slip up for years. The enitre finance community of Australia knows that he is crook.

: If Rene insists on flashing his todger at ASIC then I'm glad they have finally come out with a sharp knife and really stuck it to him

: what makes him even more ludicrous is that he only managed to make a few hunderd dollars out of his 50,000 share exposure to Qantas, and this is even when he knew that impulse was about to go tits up:

: If you listen to his crap on TV youd almost believe it, but considering he sold 50,000 QAN at around $3.80, he has left the best part of $40,000 on the table.

: It's no defence against insider trading to say that you only made a few hunderd dollars out of the deal, all that does is show how stupid a trader you are, and how bad your advice must be.

: : If you want to beat Mr Rivkin your going to have to
: : do better than that.

: : He would Average $60k - 100k a week if he can't
: : he's just one of the many traders nothing
: : special.

: : You my $12k man you think thats good thats good for mums and dads who don't know shit about the market
: : Don't boost because you can lose it.

: : Also Australia is far behind the world in the stock market and is considered by some of the Western World as a economically a third world country.

: : A night is where the Action is a where the real money
: : is made not the little peanuts or left-overs.

: : So if your looking to be the best 12k man

: : Do this $2000 into $1 million in two or three years
: : then you will gain respect little 12k man.

: : Also Rene's insider trading what a joke as said
: : before he can shit money why would do such a stupid thing.

: : Rene has my respect on a world wide trading scale.

: :
: :

: :
: : : Who needs Rene Rivkin? if you have done the home work and stick to a trading plan you will make money in shares.

: : : I started with $12000, this year in February and managed to turn 12000 in to 41 000 so far and I am bloody proud of it

: : : If I can do it, why not you, and no Rene Rivkin helped me.

: : : Priya.

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