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Message subject : Envirostar Energy (EEL) share tip

This message was posted by David on December 23, 2001 :

Hi I'm a Shareholder of Envirostar Energy (EEL) and I was curious to see the progress on the company's Stapylton project in Queenland. On 18th of December I visited the Stapylton project site. This is the location of Envirostar Energy's first green energy facility.

My tour consisted of an inspection of the project site and the surrounding land. The first stage of the main building has begun with a completion date of mid 2002. The Storage Facility is fully completed which holds the fuel (timber & green waste). This facility is capable of storing fuel which provides for over 2 month's supply of energy for the future.

As well there are plans for future developments at the site. The Project Manager showed me the plans for the Victorian plant which is due to be completed soon after completion of the Stapylton plant.

The Project Manager said that once the plant is completed it will be very easy to operate as only limited staff is needed to run the whole facility, therefore operating cost will be kept low.

Also beneficial to Envirostar Energy will be the carbon credits revenue it will receive when the government accepts the Kyoto protocol making the company a very healthy profit.

I have photos that I took but I can't place them on this page.

Looks like the project is moving along and will meet their completion schedule on time.

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