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Message subject : Earn $$$$$ while you are sleeping

This message was posted by sonia vella on May 16, 2001 :

Hi to all, check out our new affiliate program and see how you can earn $$$$$ in an instant!! Yes!! that’s right, no need to work let others do it for you…….

We at are contacting you with a proposal of partnership with
The New affiliate program developed to be highly beneficial for our active
partners, and we hope you find it as an interesting and profitable
opportunity for your web-site.

Hereunder is the details about the program, and

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sonia Vella

------------------ ------------------ ---------------- -----------------

INTRODUCTION is operated by Fixed-Odds Capital - wholly owned subsidiary of
Fixed-Odds Group Ltd. , an affiliate of the iRegent Group Ltd. iRegent Group
Ltd. is an international financial group with offices in Seoul, Hong Kong,
London, New York, Tokyo, and the Isle of Man. Regent Pacific Group Ltd. is
listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. offers a wide range of Beton market trades on major stock indices
and foreign exchange rates. Dealing is instantaneous and you will receive
instant confirmations of your transactions.

PARTNERSHIP DETAILS invites you to join the partners program and receive a 1%
commission on the total value of bets struck by clients that have been
directed to our site by you. Commissions are paid in increments of $10 -
i.e. commissions are credited to your account in increments of $10 for every
$1000 worth of contracts purchased by clients you have introduced.

Our experience suggests that the total value of bets struck will be between
USD1200 and USD1500 per member per month (i.e: USD120,000-USD150,000 a month
per 100 members).

To register with the program, open an affiliate account on
When you register you receive a unique URL, which you can place on your
web-site. As soon as a potential client clicks from your site to our home
page using this unique URL a cookie tags them as a client introduced by you.
When they apply to our site this cookie ensures that they are tagged as
"your clients" on our application form. It is not possible for you to "lose"
any introductions. For example: If a potential client clicks through from
your site and does not join at that time you will not have lost the
introduction. If later on they manually go to our site (say, by typing in
the address rather than from your site) they will still be
tagged as your client.
It is your decision how you promote our betting service from your site.
However, we can supply a selection of banners that we have used in our
advertising campaigns if you require them.

As soon as your referral starts trading, and amount of purchased contracts
exceeds USD1000, your account will be credited with 1% of the amount of his
Payment of your commissions:
The advantage of our program is that you can claim your earned commission at
any time. You decide on the payment method - it can be by cheque to your
address, remittance to your credit card, or by e-gold your e-gold account.

· To register with the program click on Open a/c.
· After you successfully filled the form, your password and loginID will be
e-mailed to you.
· To enter the system, click on LOG-IN. Use the login ID and password you
received to enter the system.
· To get the details of your unique URL and advertising materials, click on
· Here you will find your unique URL and adverting materials, which can then
be used for promotion.
· To check your account click on Statement.
· To withdraw money from your account, click on Cashier, choose the method
of payment, and follow the instructions.


Betonmarkets financial investment is an innovative concept whereby you can
speculate on the movement of the financial markets, safe in the knowledge
that your losses are limited to your premium. This service offers you the
ability to customize your own contracts by entering expiry dates and barrier
levels into the Web site, which will then calculate the payouts of your
contracts in real-time.

When you buy a betonmarkets contract from our company, you are entitled to
receive a Payout which is a fixed multiple of the amount you have staked.
Fixed-odds trading is a competitive and tax-efficient way of playing the
financial markets and often provides a more attractive risk/reward than
futures, options or spread trades. Clients trade against our computer and
transactions are confirmed instantaneously.

For example:

Mr. X, analizing the Dow Jones for last few days desides to bet, that
during the next few days Dow Jones will contiue to fall and will come to a
level lower than 10200.00 (suppose that the current level is 10673.22).
Mr. X decides to win USD1000, if he is right about Dow Jones movements
and buys Bear contract «Win USD1000 if Dow Jones during next five days will
be lower than 10200.00»

The system calculates that cost of the contracts will be USD460.00 If Mr.X
likes the price, he buys the bet, and if he was right Dow Jones movements
and it is lower than 10200.00 after 5 days, that his contract expires with
the payout of USD1000. If Dow Jones is higher than 10200.00, that his
contract expires with the value 0.

Mr. X can sell his contract back to the system before it expires, if he
sees that Dow Jones is growing and there is less possibility for him to win.
The price of the contract that will be paid back to Mr.X is recalculated
considering the current situation on the markets.

Clients account on

To deposit money to your account on you can use e-gold, credit
card or bank wire. The same methods available for you to withdraw money
from you account.

Happy Trading with

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stocks, in an attempt to influence other investors. While every effort is made by the moderators
to remove these, some may still appear on these boards. Unless specifically stated persons posting
on this site are NOT investment advisors and do NOT hold the necessary licence, or have any
formal training, to give investment advice.

Before acting on any of the information you read and making any financial or investment
decisions, you should always consult your advisor(s) or other relevant professional
investment experts.

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