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by Western Hide and Tanning Co. - James Cox, JIMNWEN1@AOL.COM on 1999-04-25 07:31:36.

We have some black shrunken calf skins that are 5/6 ounce and avg 4-6 square feet for $3.00 each. We have some 6/7 and 8/10 ounce heavy veg tanned sueded splits - great for pow wow, etc. We have some clients that are painting pictures on these. They are $2.00 each. We have some special saddle skirting for $60.00 per side in bundles of 3 = $180.00 bundle. We have bulk cut leather laces for $1.00 per lb. We also have pieces of asst. leathers for $1.00lb. Call Western Hide at 1-513-867-8699 or 867-0802 for fax. J.Cox