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by Mike Georgiou, on 1999-04-21 09:43:36.

W.S.K. Model 1201 Fully Automatic Belt Cutting Machine.

The machine runs on compressed air and has its own separate
hydraulic pump and vacuum extraction systems.

Continuous material of widths between 1cm & 5cm are loaded on to
the machine. These can be in coil form or longer lengths from a bin.

The machine is programmed to do the following :-

Cut the point (different knives can be attached)
Punch the holes in the belt (different size punches)
measure the length of the belt
Punch the end hole (different punches can be used)
Cut the end of the belt
Stamp information on the back of the belt.
Count & stop at the number required.

The machine has its own stamping unit with 9 flywheels for
various information such as sizing etc. & an area for logo stamps.

The vacuum system extracts the punched out pieces from the holes
etc. and the belts are then picked up and stacked once cut.

There is also an electronic eye system so that the machine will
automatically find any joins in the material and cut these out
without this affecting the final count or ending up with belts with
joins in them.

The machine will cut approximately 8 - 9,000 pcs per 8 hour day
subject to the length of the belts being cut.

There are approximately 20 knives & tools of different shaped
points and hole sizes all included in the sale.

The machine is approximately 5 years old and in perfect working

It is offered for sale on an ex works first come basis @ 6,500

Mike Georgiou
Essential Fashions Ltd
1a Bedford Road
London N15 4HA

Tel: 0181 800 8081
Fax: 0181 809 1805