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by Mr.Xiaoguang Ni, on 1999-05-21 08:34:13.

We are glad to recommend you the the excellent Fungicide:MYCLOBUTANIL 95%tech. 25%EC.
This product is the funficide of the sort of triazole with systemic,protective chemotherapy and broad-spectrum effective. It is widely used to control powdery mildrew, rust and sclerotinia of apple,pear and etc. Plant of fruit;powdery mildrew,brown rust,spot blight and rot of drupe;black rot and powdery mildrew of grapevine;powdery mildrew of cucmber;smute and stinking smute of cereal;stem blight of wheat;stripe bacterial contanmination;powdery mildrew,rust and sheath blight of cereal during seeding stage;powdery mildrew of tobaco;pancake disease;sclerotinia blossom blight of dianthus chinensis and black spot of chinese rose etc.;powdery mildrew and leaf spot of flowers;blue mold of citrus.
If you are interested in any above items pls contact us.

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