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Online Leather Auction
We are proud to announce the long awaited launch of the world's first dedicated Online Leather 
Auction site. We have gone out of our way to provide the World Leather Industry with a great 
stage to quickly and economically trade leather and leather products over the internet. Whether 
you have leather machinery, leather scrap, leather raw material or just one leather jacket that 
you wish to sell, whether it is in small quantities or by the container full, whether you are a leather 
goods producer, retailer or wholesaler, putting your merchandise for auction on LeatherCom.AU is
equivalent to having your own online store. However, there is one big difference, this store receives
about 2000 shoppers daily from all around the world, all are leather shoppers.

Click here to enter the Auction or read on for a brief introduction.

Brief Introduction 
How to Use LeatherCom.Au Leather Auction

Just Browsing
If it's your first time on LeatherCom.Au Online Auction, we suggest that you take a few minutes to browse around and get familiar with the site's contents. Click here for a master list of categories of the items for sale . Click on the area that interests you most to view a list of auctioned items.

For each item, you'll see a description, the Start At price (that was the starting bid), the Bid At price (what the price is currently), and the Ending date and time when the auction closes. You'll also see an indication of whether the listing includes a photo of the item. Please note that Auction time is the time indicated above the search box on all auction pages (upper right).

How do I search?
Trying to find something specific? You may search for things in a variety of ways on this site. The quickest way to search is to simply type the right word or Item Number into the Search box in the middle of the home page (and in the upper right hand corner of every LeatherCom.Au Online Auction Auctions page), select the type of search using keywords, user name or item number, then click "search!" . Note that this feature searches exclusively for Auctions in progress (not auctions that have not started or are closed).

Before you buy or sell…
Before you can buy or sell, you need to register with LeatherCom.Au Online Auction. Registration is free and does not obligate you to purchase anything or release sensitive information such as credit card numbers. Your personal data will never be sold to other mailing lists. Simply fill out this quick form and we will immediately send you a LeatherCom.Au Online Auction password via email. (Transaction times depend on your Internet service provider, but it typically takes less than 30 minutes to receive your password.) Please read our Terms & Conditions for important information about your LeatherCom.Au Online Auction membership account.

How do I bid?
When you have found an item that sparks your interest, you are ready to place a bid! 
Just fill up your user name and password, then enter your bid. You will be automatically notified (to your registered email address) when someone places a higher bid on that specific item. You can come
back and increase your bid to make sure you get that item you want! The system will also notify you when the auction is closed (only if you are the high bidder or seller of this item).

How do I sell?
Listing an item for auction is simple (and currently free for the first 100 members) . Just fill out
the List An Item form and voila your item is live on Auction. A few tips: you can increase your success (i.e., the closing price) by writing a clear, appealing description and by including a picture if available.

More information
For more information about registering, buying, selling, or other details, please see our Help area or, for a quicker version, our Frequently Asked Questions

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