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Program Concept & controls overview 

ExpressBrowser allows you to browse multiple Web sites at the same
time. Each site is loaded into a separate tab, allowing you to switch
between them easily . In addition, ExpressBrowser allows you to set 
an auto reload timer for each site which will refresh the page at selected
interval (great when doing online stock trading or viewing online stock 
watch lists etc.).

You can open groups of sites with a single click (EB_Groups) as well
as create new or edit existing EB_Groups (EB_Group =express browsing
group) or download new EB_Groups from the internet. 
Click here to learn more about creating & using EB_Groups

ExpressBrowser will remember the last sites you've visited on each
browser tab and will load the pages into the associated browser tab
upon program start up. ExpressBrowser links directly to your Internet
Explorer favorites folder and allows you to load your favorite links as
well as add or organize them.

You can set ExpressBrowser to automatically check for new email in your 
mail box (on selected intervals). It will then notify you whenever you have 
new email.

Where to start

Simply load ExpressBrowser and type the desired web address in the
associated tab address bar. Press the keyboard ENTER key or the GO
button to browse to that address. Each tab can independently navigate 
to a different web address. To load an EB_Group (a group of web sites)
click the 'LINK' button and then select the desired EB_Group from the

Program controls

  1) Program Tabs - click to switch between web sites
  2) Address Bar - type web address to browse to
  3) Go - click to browse to the address typed in address bar
  4) Blank - clears the browser tab and loads a blank page
  5) Set Refresh - select time intervals for page auto reload
  6) Browser Number - indicates browser tab number being viewed
  7) Back - browse back one page
  8) Forward - browse forward one page
  9) Stop- stops the browsing process on the selected tab
10) Refresh - reloads the page on the selected tab
11) Print - prints the selected page
12) Links - opens the EB_Groups and Favorites folder (more info..)
13) Update - button appears and flashes whenever new 
      EB_Groups or program updates are available for download
14) Email - click to load your email program (more info..)
15) Help - loads EB's help file
16) Options - loads the options  screen 


Creating new EB_Groups

To create a new EB_Group click
the 'Options' button available on any
browser tab, then click the EB_Groups
tab . Select Create new [1] and type
a name for the new group [3]. Type
the web sites address in browser 1-6
boxes or click the ... button to load
a favorite address into the address 
box. Press 'Save new EB_Group' [10]
to save the group to disk.

Editing an EB_Group
Click 'Edit' [2] and select the group 
name [6]. You can now edit the address
in each browser box [9] or press the 
button  ...  to select an address from 
your favorites folder. When done, 
press the 'Save changes' button [10]
to save EB_Group changes to disk.
Renaming an EB_Group
Click 'Edit' [2] and select the group you wish to rename from the drop down list [6]. Then 
press the 'Rename' button [8] and enter new group name.

Deleting an EB_Group
Click 'Edit' [2] and select the group you wish to delete from the drop down list [6]. Then 
press the 'Delete' button [7] to delete that group.

Downloading new EB_Groups Click 'Download new EB_Groups' [11] and the download
screen (below) will appear.

Click the new EB_Group you wish
to download [1],  then press the
the 'Download' button [2] to download
and install the new group into EB.
Loading an EB_Group or Favorites
To load an EB_Group or a favorite link press the 'Links' button available on any browser tab 
(noted as #1 on the program controls image above).

Favorites  adding/organizing
To add a favorite link simply click the 'Options' button while on that page. This will also
enable you to organize the Favorites folder. 

Setting up email preferences
You can set ExpressBrowser to automatically check your email box (on the server)
and notify you of any new incoming email. To set up the email preferences press the 
'Options' button available on any browser tab and then press the 'Set email preferences'
button to load the email options window (see image below).

(1)Start by selecting the default 
email client installed on your system. 
EB will load this program whenever 
you press the email button (available 
on any browser tab and noted with an
envelope icon).
(2) Use this box to enter the full path 
to your email client if you can't see it 
on the list. Otherwise, please leave 
this box unchanged

Auto check for new email
(3) select yes or no. 
(4) select time interval for EB 
to check for new email.
(5) enter the POP3 incoming
email server address (refer to 
your ISP documentation or 
email program help file)
(6) enter your email user name
(7) enter your email password

Press the 'Save email settings' button when done. If set correctly, EB will notify you 
whenever you have new email in your email box. To test your mail server settings  
press the 'Test POP3 mail server settings' button and then  'Test POP3 mail server 
settings' again. Note the server response and 'change settings' if necessary (until you 
get 'Your POP3 email server settings are OK').

Please note: EB icon must be available in system tray for the 'automatically check for new 
email' feature to work. Email settings can be accessed and modified at any time by right 
clicking the EB icon in system tray (near windows clock) and selecting 'Email options'.

ExpressBrowser Keyboard shortcut keys 

Alt + RightArrow [go forward one page]
Alt + LeftArrow [go back one page]
Alt + E
  [opens your default email program]
Alt + L
  [opens links (EB_Groups/Favorites)]
Ctrl + F 
[string search in current page]
Alt + 1 to 6 [switch between browser tabs]
Backspace [go back one page]
Ctrl + P [print page]
Ctrl + A [select all page]
Ctrl + N [opens the page in a new IE window]
F5 [reloads the page]



About ExpressBrowser 
ExpressBrowser is a product of Click2.com Pty Ltd Australia. You can visit our web site
at http://www.click2.com.au to learn more about us and the range of software programming
and internet web design services we offer as well as try other software titles made by us. 
Email: support@click2.com.au

Program concept, programming, HTML and graphic design - Avi Bellaiche, Sydney Australia.

Register your copy 
ExpressBrowser is distributed as shareware. It will become partially disabled after 30 
days. In order to restore it to full functionality you are required to register and pay the 
registration fee online/offline. Upon registration you will receive an unlock registration 
number.  Click the 'Options' button and enter that number in the program registration 
box to unlock and regain full functionality. 

Please note: this program is FREE to ShareExpress2000 registered users (no need to

Register Now - Connect online, then click here to register your copy online using our 
secure server.

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