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Program Name

 Number of Companies Listed Membership
Review / Comments:
Paid-Online-Surveys 278+ $34.97

If  after 60 days you don't earn your membership back, email them and get a full refund - you even get to keep your access to the database of survey companies!

GetPaidtoSurveys 350+ $34.95 They offer daily updates - they also offer free vacation certificate for a complimentary 3 day 2 night vacation.

PaidSurveysOnline 300+ $34.95 Most Popular database of Surveys - upon registration you get instant access and  a free vacation - 3 day, 2 night stay -  money back guarantee
Get-Paid-For-Surveys A few Hundreds $29.99 3 months money back guarantee - also offer 2 free round trip airline tickets - they have a comprehensive directory of the most reliable companies online.
Surveys-N-More Approx 300 $29.95 You get instant access to hundreds of companies looking for people to participate in paid surveys,  panels, forums, focus groups, discussion groups and paid to shop opportunities. Offer 1 month money back guarantee. 
SurveyJunction Approx 200 $32.95 You can Earn cash and rewards taking online surveys from their extensive database of nearly 200 market research companies. 30 days money back guarantee after purchase. 
WorkOnline4Pay Over 420 $29.95 They host a database of over 400 companies, but that also includes paid to read email, paid to surf the internet and paid to drive cars.